Caterpillar Centre – Woodbridge

Caterpillar Centre

BBC News Article – 8th July 2019 Re: Planned Closure of The Caterpillar Centre in Woodbridge

This centre is a vital resource for Woodbridge, and our community who depend on this centre for the vital support it offers.

I have undertaken a frank dialogue with Dr Therese Coffey (our local MP) with regards to this centre’s future, and we both hosted a conference call with Cllr Gordon Jones from Suffolk County Council, questioning the background information, SCC’s decision making process and the possible closure of this centre.

As a result of this call, I am delighted to confirm that the future of the centre has been secured until 2022 – it will remain open until at least that date.

I am also delighted to report that the SCC review of all their Children’s Centres has been placed on hold, and no date has been conformed for the review process to start up again.

An ‘on-site’ meeting and further discussion is planned in Woodbridge between myself, Dr Coffey and Cllr Jones, where I hope to be able to inform them both further of the value this centre adds to Woodbridge.

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